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Bored Crapless

2007-08-31 09:34:17 by oversword

well here i am. bored crapless. im stuck on an animation im doing at the moment (the second part to regeneration xiphosura) and i cant thing of anything else to put in. write back with some ideas or just talk to me.


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2007-08-31 09:56:19

If your having an artist's block then take a break. Get some fresh air chum.


2007-12-15 10:00:26



2009-03-07 10:52:55

Crap! I was listening to the original of Bigmouth Strikes Again when I saw that Flash in judgement. What a coincidence!

oversword responds:

i think this blog post is a little bit out of date now don't you?
seeing as i've completed it
but yeah, what a coincidence