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Hello Peeps.
Here to announce that i will be continuing work on my Regeneration Xiphosura series.
The third instalment will be to the music Mr. Jack, By System of A Down.
I have already come up with a basic story line and an idea for a opening sequence and the climax.
I hope to get it out and about before i go back to school (in september) but if i really dedicate myself you may see it in a couple of weeks.
But that would be hopeful.
Also i will be posting preliminary scetches and animations on my website. (clicky)
Comment me with any ideas you'd like to see and take a look at the previous installments.

Bored Crapless

2007-08-31 09:34:17 by oversword

well here i am. bored crapless. im stuck on an animation im doing at the moment (the second part to regeneration xiphosura) and i cant thing of anything else to put in. write back with some ideas or just talk to me.